Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

1.0 About us
What service does Pack and Store offer?

Pack and Store offers on demand storage solutions. You can place your orders or requests through our website. Once you have placed an order, we will deliver empty carton box(es), tamper evident labels and instructions on how to secure your boxes to you. We will proceed to pick up the items, at the stipulated time and location of your choice.

Why should you choose Pack and Store?

Pack and Store provides convenient, flexible and affordable storage solutions for the item(s) you own. Instead of paying for the space which you cannot fill up, Pack and Store only charges for the space your items use. We allow retrieval of your box(es) and item(s) and store them back to the warehouse on other days. In addition, our extended delivery hours (9am to 10pm) ensures that you can be there to receive your box(es) and item(s).

2.0 Getting Started
How do I start?

You only need to sign up, choose the address and schedule for drop off and collection through our website. Our couriers will be there to drop off the empty boxes and pick up your box(es)/bulky item(s).

How much does Pack and Store cost?

Instead of signing a contract with self storage providers for space you can never fill up, Pack and Store charges by the items you store. Need to extend your storage duration? Our storage charges never change. You can be rest assured that your bill remains the same. Check on our price list for more information.

Is there any minimum storage required?

A minimum of 5 boxes or items are required to be stored with Pack and Store for a minimum period of 6 months each, as a minimum commitment for our service. Upfront payment of storage charges is required. The 6 months of commitment commences on the date of collection of boxes. There will be no refund for early termination. A 10% off storage fees will be given to customers who choose to store long term with us (Applicable to new orders or renewals for 6 months and up).

Is my payment secured?

To ensure that your credit card details remain safe, all credit card transactions will be processed by Paypal. Pack and Store does not retain your credit card information. Payment will only be made upon check out. For subsequent payments, kindly login to your account to make your payment.

3.0 Packing and Storage
How should I pack my item(s)?

Pack and Store will provide FREE standard box(es), gummed tapes and tampered evident labels for the storage of your box(es) and item(s). The size of each standard box(es) is 60cm(L), 40cm(W) x 40cm(H). The following are some tips to packing of box(es) and item(s):
(a) Distribute the weight across several boxes to limit maximum weight to 20kg per box to avoid stressing the box and avoid overweight charges.
(b) Group and pack the same set of items together so that you do not need to request for multiple boxes back for a few items.
(c) It is a good to note what you have kept in the boxes for ease of retrieval. You can login to your account to include pictures or descriptions on what you have stored.
(d) If you choose to use your containers or suitcases, ensure that they are well packed and sealed securely.

What if i am unsure of the number of boxes that i need?

The dimension of a standard Pack and Store box is 60cm length x 40cm width x 40cm height. A single box can hold 16 pairs of shoes or 40 shirts and 13 sweaters. Unsure about the number of boxes you require? call us at 68026889 or email your enquiries to We will be glad to provide additional boxes to you during drop off. Additional boxes will only be charged if you have used them.

Is there anything i can’t store?

You can refer to the Terms and Conditions for the list of prohibited items. As a guideline, we will limit items to box, strollers, luggage and golf bags. Should you have small to medium sized items, which may be reasonably carried by one person, do select customised storage and we will provide a quote to you. If your item(s) are smaller than a standard box, please pack the item in the carton box.

How do i view my items?

Simply login to your account here. You will have access to key information related to your items.

4.0 Collection and Delivery
Scheduling for pick up or drop off

You can request for pick up or drop off through our website. The available dates are as indicated in the calendar. Simply indicate in the website on the locations you prefer for pick up or drop off.

Can i request for a same session pickup?

We understand that you may want to have your items collected on the same day. Call us at 68026889 to tell us in advance that you will like a same session pick up. Our drivers can wait up to 15 minutes while you pack your boxes.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

An advanced notice of 2 working days has to be given for any rescheduling or cancellation of trips.

How do I get my item(s) back?

To get your items back, you can login to your account and request for retrieval or delivery of your items. Should you choose to stop storing the particular box/item with us, simply select the delivery option. Please ensure that all your box(es)/item(s) are delivered by the end of the monthly billing cycle (last day of the month). A new monthly charge will be incurred, should you collect after the last day of Billing Cycle. We understand that you may need to retrieve your items from your box. Simply choose the retrieval option, and we will bring the box/item to you. Do note that you will have to retag your box with new tamper evident labels. Kindly ensure that the box is securely tagged on the top and bottom of the box(es).

Do I need to return the box(es) back to you?

With Pack and Store, the box(es) and packing materials are given FREE to you. You need not return the box(es) back to us.

5.0 Security
How secured are my items?

The security of your items is our top priority. Our warehouse is not open to public and is under 24-hour surveillance. A set of serialised tampered evident label and gummed tape is provided with every standard box stored. With the label and gummed tapes, you can be assured that your boxes are secure with us. Should you wish to insure your items stored with us, you can purchase insurance at the checkout page.