Terms and Conditions

  1. General Terms and Conditions
In executing this agreement, you have agreed to the following terms and conditions:
  • You are at least 18 years of age.
  • You are the owner of the items stored with Pack and Store, or is authorized by the owner of the goods to store the items with Pack and Store.
  • You are responsible for the packing of items into storage box(es), including protecting the items/bulky items with packing materials (E.g. bubble wrap, protective wrapping), to prevent the items from being damaged during transportation or storage.
  • You are legally bounded to the terms and conditions as stipulated within this Agreement.
  1. Schedule for delivery and collection of box(es)
For new orders, you have to select the dates for delivery of empty box(es) and collection of packed box(es). For any cancellation or rescheduling of delivery, collection or retrieval dates, please notify Pack and Store 2 working days in advance (I.e. for delivery or collection scheduled on Friday, the latest date for rescheduling will be on Wednesday). Please raise the request via logging in to your account. To prevent incurring of No Show Fee, do ensure that you or your authorized representative are present at the specified address during the scheduled appointment date and time, with a waiting time limit of 15 minutes (start upon arrival at stipulated address), otherwise a $20 no show fee will be incurred. When defining a drop off or pick up address of box(es)/bulky item(s), you are to ensure reasonable access to your premise (elevator access). Pack and Store does not provide delivery or collection services in restricted areas (I.e. Camps/Airbase/Prison). Pack and Store shall attempt to deliver or collect your box(es)/bulky item(s) at the selected time interval. Please note that the time interval is indicative and Pack and Store shall not be liable for the delays. Pack and Store reserves the rights to change the scheduled appointment of delivery or collection of box(es)/item(s).
  1. Storage of goods
You shall ensure that the items are packed carefully, including padding of items inside the boxes with packing materials, so that they will not be damaged during transit of/in storage. Box(es) must be sealed with Pack and Store tamper evident labels and gummed tapes and shall not exceed 20kg per box or per item. Should the weight of the boxes exceed 20kg, a surchage of $2/kg for weight exceeding or therepart of applies. Items/Boxes with weight exceeding 25kg may be rejected at the point of collection. Should you fail to secure your box(es)/item(s), or choose not to use the tamper evident labels and gummed tapes provided, claims pertaining to missing box(es)/item(s) will be rejected. You are responsible to ensure that your items are secured and tagged. You will be given a receipt to acknowledge that Pack and Store has received your items with specific serialized number. This information will be uploaded within 2 working days and will be available for viewing when you login to your account. Pack and Store shall only be responsible for the transportation and storage of your box(es) and bulky item(s). The company shall not be responsible for the packing of items into box(es), or dismantling or assembling of any units, systems, equipment or furniture. Pack and Store shall not be responsible for the damage of fragile items such as glassware, crockery, light bulbs or things that are easily broken. As the boxes will be shifted during transportation or in storage, kindly ensure that the items are packed appropriately. Regardless of how well the items are packed, the items will move and be in contact with other items within the box. We do not recommend storage of fragile items in the box(es) but should you choose to store fragile items in the box(es), you will indemnify all claims and rights against Pack and Store, should your fragile items be damaged. The following items are banned from storage:
  1. Explosives, combustible or flammable materials or compressed gases such as gas, kerosene, oil, paint.
  2. Perishable items and living things.
  3. Stolen, illegal or items that violates the laws of Singapore and other regulations.
  4. High value items such as jewelry, gold, silver, antiques, precious stones, fine arts or fine wine.
  5. Items that emit smell, noise or leaks such as container with liquids, produce loud or disruptive noise shall be rejected.
Pack and Store reserves the right to refuse the collection, storage, or delivery of items at our discretion. Pack and Store reserves the right to open your box(es)/item(s), should we believe that the box(es) may contain items that breach the conditions as stipulated within this Agreement. For safety and privacy reasons, you will not be allowed access to our storage facilities. Access to box(es) will be allowed when all outstanding fees has been paid off.
  1. Payment for services
For your privacy, Pack and Store does not store your credit card information for service fee payment. Service fee will only be deducted after you login to your account, select the service as required (new box storage/delivery or retrieval of box/renewal of box or item) and check out after reviewing the generated invoice. To ensure that your credit card details remain safe, all credit card transactions will be processed by Paypal. A minimum of 5 box(es)/bulky item(s) are required to be stored with Pack and Store for a minimum period of 3 months each, as a minimum commitment for our service. Upfront payment of storage charges is required. The 3 months of commitment commences on the date of collection of boxes. There will be no refund for early retrieval of box(es)/item(s). You can choose to renew your storage plans on a monthly basis. Should you fail to pay for storage charges or associated cost, you will be denied access to the box(es). Should all charges not be completely paid within 60 days past due date, Pack and Store reserves the rights to inspect, withhold and dispose your stored box(es)/item(s) by sale or auction. Net proceeds from the sale of stored box(es)/item(s) will not be reimbursed to you. Pack and Store reserves the rights to amend existing fees or charges for services, or to include new chargeable services (where applicable). Changes to price plan will be updated in your next bill (generated at the payment page).
  1. Fees table
Description Fees/Comments
Monthly Storage Fee (Standard items) As indicated in the web
Monthly Storage Fee (Non Standard Items - Customised Quotation) To quote
Transportation Fees
1st trip pick up and drop off Free
Retrieval Base charge (Drop off at your stipulated location and pick up to warehouse) $45
Retrieval per box $7
Retrieval per bulky item $7
Retrieval of non standard box To quote
Retrieval of non standard bulky item To quote
Delivery base charge (Drop off from warehouse and contract ends) $25
Delivery per box $5
Delivery per bulky item $5
Delivery of non standard boxes To quote
Delivery of non standard bulky item To quote
Request for next day dropoff/pickup/delivery/retrieval (Subject to availability) $30
Request for after hours pickup/dropoff (After 6pm) $20
Request for fix dropoff/pickup/delivery/retrieval time (Subject to availability) $15
ERP & Carpark charges incurred during collection/delivery To quote
Other Charges
Administrative charges for refunds(Over order of boxes - Refunds only applicable for boxes in excess of minimum quantity) 5% of total amount refunded
Overdue payment (Payment not made within 30 days) $2 per box/item per month
Cancellation/change of appointment (<24 hours before delivery) $10
Failed scheduled pickup/drop off $20
Surchage for boxes exceeding 20kg $2/kg above 20kg or there partof
  1. Account Management - Termination
You can choose to terminate your account at any time by arranging for delivery of all box(es) and item(s) stored with Pack and Store (through the website). All outstanding charges for your box(es)/item(s) must be duly paid before your box(es) or item(s) can be retrieved. There will be no partial refunds for early termination. For termination of accounts, you can choose to cancel towards the end of your monthly Billing Cycle. Please ensure that all your box(es)/item(s) are delivered by the end of the monthly billing cycle (last day of the month). A new monthly charge will be incurred, should you collect after the last day of Billing Cycle. Pack and Store may choose to terminate your account with or without cause. Should the contract be terminated without cause, a 30 days advance notice (email notification) will be given and any partial pre-paid monthly fees will be refunded to you. You are however, required to schedule for a delivery through the website (within the notice period). An account may be terminated for causes such as violation of Terms and Conditions. In such instances, you will be given a 30 days advance notice to schedule for a delivery. The prevailing delivery charges apply, and all charges have to be paid off before access of the box(es)/item(s) will be granted.
  1. Insurance and Liability
Pack and Store shall not be liable for any loss, damage, costs or expenses whatsoever, including loss of profits, business or anticipated savings, or any other indirect or consequential loss, suffered or incurred by the individual or company or any of its agents, servants, employees or sub-contractors which may arise (whether in contract, tort, under statute or otherwise) by reason of or in connection with the Agreement.   In executing this agreement, you agree that you are responsible to insure for your box(es)/item(s). You can also opt to purchase additional insurance with Pack and Store. Should you choose to purchase insurance from Pack and Store, you agree that in the event your box(es)/item(s) go missing or is damaged by fire or flood, Pack and Store’s liability shall be limited to up to $200 per box/bulky item. Should you choose to purchase insurance for all of your box(es)/item(s) (no partial insurance is allowed in one order), you can purchase the insurance during check out. Once insurance has been purchased, termination of insurance is not allowed. Insurance will only cease when the contract is terminated and box(es)/item(s) returned to you. For any claims, you are required to provide the value of the items. Either party shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform beyond their control, and in such case, both parties shall be relieved of the obligations to supply and/or deliver any such services thereby affected but the provisions of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect in regards to the supply and/or delivery not affected by such causes.
  1. Changes to agreement
Pack and Store reserves the rights to change this agreement. Kindly refer to the website for the updated agreement.